has every feature you will ever need
to study by yourself.


The Case

What is the one thing most parents want from their kids? Some might say the sheer joy and satisfaction when kids pass the exam with flying colours. Some parents desires for a euphoria moment when their children score A in all subjectsand receive compliments.
Whatever the reason is, you want your kids to succeed. As the competition for boarding school and college entrance is tougher every year, you know only the best will prevail. School education provides everything your kids need to learn, but is not enough.


The Solution

Teachers can’t focus solely on particular students. Students find it difficult to concentrate due to distraction, peer pressure, noise and so on. Some might even lost interest to what taught in school.
The saving grace now is the time kids spend outside of the classroom, especially at home. With the advent of technology like online learning, children can maximize full capacity of learning at their pace.


What We Did

Harnessing the power of social learning to empower students achieves better grades at school. We provide the ultimate educational experience where we turbocharge learning processes, study materials, engagement and emotion factor in an online ecosystem to help students learn faster and smarter.

5 Ways We Boost Student Achievement in School

Fun and exciting online learning with attractive educational visual aids.
Nurturing collaboration and supportive interactions between students in’s settings.
Motivate students for achievement through utilising online rewards such as badges and earning points
We chart out the weaknesses and strength of every student so parents understand the course of action needs to be taken.
We provide updated content to suit with the standard of Ministry Of Education Malaysia for primary student

Awards awarded MSC Status on December 2012. MSC Malaysia status is a recognition by the Government of Malaysia through the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), for ICT and ICT-facilitated businesses.
It is also mark of world-class standard quality and achievement in term of technology, product, expertise and business.


With University of Malaya (UM) University Of Malaya is a public research university founded in 1949. It is the oldest university in Malaysia. Recognised as one of the best university in the world, University of Malaya ranked 156 by QS World University Ranking in 2012.

Pencil Brand Sdn. Bhd. proudly established collaboration with University Of Malaya for Research And Development (RND) in two major areas, which is psychological element in delivering educational material and Information Technology direction for development.
This collaboration ensures is not only continuously facilitated by the best technology but also relevant in current student education scenario.